• Prints (Etching, Engraving, Lithograph)
• Maps
• Charts
• Posters
• Plans
• Documents
• Rare Books
• Contemporary Fine Art

Damage to paper artefacts can take many forms, and result from various causes; normal ageing processes, poor storage or previous repair work, accidental damage such as flooding or pest attack. However, good conservation will halt further deterioration and restoration work can remedy much of the damage.

• Stains (water damage, oil/grease marks)
• Old tape/adhesive residues (eg. Sellotape ‘repairs’)
• Mould
• Foxing (small red-oxide coloured spots)
• Acidity (visible yellowing of the paper)
• Surface abrasions and scratches
• Tears
• Missing Areas (worm holes/damage to page edges etc.) will provide an honest appraisal and straight forward diagnosis of the condition of an artefact and work with the client to arrive at the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for it's treatment and repair.

The services available depend on the condition of the object which will determine the treatment necessary or desired. Treatment will vary from preservation advice pertaining to its direct local environment to more interventive approaches involving cleaning, repairing and retouching where appropriate.


In addition to his work with paper will be offering a bespoke picture framing service of the highest conservation standards. Using a limited range of simple largely hardwood mouldings will be able to work with clients to design frames which will not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of and artwork or artefact but also best ensure it’s longevity, through exclusive use of archival standard materials.

Samples of artworks has framed are available to see at the studio.
Please telephone to make an appointment.